Tips for engagement photos {engagement pictures}

February 7, 2015 , Engagement


Tips for engagement photos

You’ve booked your amazing wedding photographer, and are now pinning your favourite images to your secret Pinterest wedding board. And, hopefully you’ve also booked an engagement session with your new finance as well. At Loree Photography, I offer a free engagement session with each wedding package – and it’s not just because photos are fun to have. There are other reasons why I believe an e-session is so important. The first thing I’m asked by a bride when they prepare for their session is tips for engagement photos.

tips for engagement photos

Pick a location

I’m more than happy to recommend a few great locations for your engagement session, however, I find that when the bride and groom choose a place that means something to them – the photos are more meaningful. I photograph many rural and country couples and many of them opt to have their photos taken on a ranch, farm or a special spot in the country that they love.

If there isn’t a specific spot that you have in mind, perhaps look at choosing locations that will be a little different from your wedding photo spots. If you will be getting married and having photos with greenery, trees, etc – then maybe look at shooting in a downtown, urban location. Calgary has an amazing downtown and I always love the look of engagement photos taken there.

Many brides and grooms choose to have their engagement photos in a different season from their wedding. I photograph lots of winter e-sessions for couples that are getting married in the summer.

I love it when engagement sessions incorporate who the couple is. I’ve had sessions where the couple plays hockey, are with their airplanes, dogs, horses, hiking in the mountains or having tea in a coffee shop that they love to frequent. Think about what you love to do together and use that was part of your e-session.

tips for engagement picturesWhat to wear

What to wear to an engagement session is always the next question after location. My answer is to wear what you are comfortable in and what makes you happy. Once you figure that out, then you can get into the details.

I have couples that have one outfit choice and others that bring a couple of changes. I encourage both. I have to admit, I love it when there is a dressy, more formal outfit and then a more casual and fun one.

If you are having a winter or autumn engagement session, look at dressing up jeans with boots, light scarves (don’t wear thick bulky sweaters/scarves because they will look……well, thick and bulky) and warm colours. For summer sessions, think pretty, flowy dresses, cute tanks and sandals.

Hair and make-up

This is the perfect time for your hair and make-up trial. Book your engagement photos on the same day and get the biggest bang for your buck. With make-up, opt to go a little heavier than you would for a normal day.

Why I love engagement sessions (as a photographer)engagement photo tips

A couple of years ago I began offering complimentary engagement sessions with my wedding packages. This was one of the single best things I ever did as a photographer. Sure, you get beautiful engagement photos – but I get so much more out of it as well. As a photographer, I learn more about my couple and get to spend an entire hour visiting, photographing and learning about who these two amazing people are. I ask questions, learn about their families, their careers and their personalities.

Having that hour with your photographer gives you a chance to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. It also helps your photographer to gage your comfort level and see what works to help give you the best images possible.

Use your engagement images to make a guest book for your wedding (Loree Photography also makes these) or as decoration for your wedding day. Many brides and grooms use them for save the dates in invites as well.

Above all else….

Try to have fun. I know it’s never easy to place yourself in front of a camera, but try and smile, laugh and interact with your photographer. I love to set the stage for beautiful lighting and backdrops and try to have a couple interact with each other naturally. I love laughs, little touches of hands, playfulness and genuine love in my images.

If I can help you with your engagement photos, I’d love to chat more…


Tips on engagement photos Calgary wedding photographer

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This is such a helpful article for newly engaged couples preparing for their engagement sessions! The tips you have provided and ideas for what to wear and what to do with the images are fantastic! Your engagement and wedding images in Calgary are breathtaking!


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Beautiful work. You have a real talent. I've always found one of the most challenging things is creating a candid moment… that isn't completely candid. It makes perfect sense that putting the couple into a comfortable and known situation (like a cafe they frequent) creates emergent candidness.

Anyway. Great stuff. Cheers!

This is why I love prenuptial photo shoots. I feel so thrilled.

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