Shyla and Kris

September 20, 2011 , Wedding


I had no idea where to begin and where to end when it came to posting Kris and Shyla’s wedding photos. There are so many fantastic images to choose from that I went a little overboard here.

I’ve known Kris since high school. We went to different schools but we had mutual friends and met through them. I met Shyla randomly when she joined her friend Victoria on her photoshoot last year. I absolutely had to grab a couple of frames of Shyla during Victoria’s session. Shyla was so breathtaking (inside and out) that I had to grab  some shots of her. She then told me that she was engaged to Kris and we talked about what a small world it was.

Fast forward to last Friday. I was so honoured when Shyla asked me to be her wedding photographer. I was excited for so many reasons. First, I adore Shyla and Kris. They are the couple so many look up to. Secondly, I love the people they chose to be in their wedding party. It included a couple of cousins of mine, old friends and now new ones.

Enjoy this snapshot of Mr and Mrs McKechnie’s wedding day….



Wow, amazing job Lori! Thanks so very much for capturing our day!

It was absolutely my pleasure. I had so much fun!

LOVE all of the pics! You did such a fantastic job! All the Hillmond boys look good! And of course the girls are stunning!

Lori! Those are amazing…..stunning wedding party! 🙂 Kris and Shyla are going to have a great wedding photo album to remember their day. Beautiful.

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