Nanton Porch Project

March 24, 2020 , Personal


I cannot believe how awesome the Nanton Porch Project was. I spent a day and a half photographing Nanton residents on their porches, while I stood far away in the street with my 70-200 Canon lens. It allowed people to get creative, have some fun and distract themselves from what is happening in the world with the awful Covid-19 Coronavirus that is affecting the entire globe. For over a decade, Nanton has supported my business and my family. This was a way for me to give back to say that I’m here to support them, no matter how bad things get. When you are the local photographer who does school photos, grad photos, family photos, sports photos, and weddings – you really get to know your community and it’s people. It hurts my heart that we are all dealing with this, but it warms it knowing that we will also get through this together. #nantonporchproject Click on the images to see the entire picture.

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