Mike and Staci

October 1, 2011 , Wedding


I posted a few shots just after Mike and Staci’s wedding with a promise to post more of their story. I first met this couple at this time last year for their engagement session. After a year of being friends on Facebook, you kind of have an idea of what people are like….until I heard Staci’s dad’s speech. I won’t go into details, but it involved a tab during college when she met Mike. It was pretty awesome! They met at Olds College and have been soul mates ever since. They are just so sweet together. Their families adore them as a couple and they have the funnest friends (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word). In fact, I even got invited to sit at the table of some of Staci’s family friends. The daughter is the most amazing jazz singer. She performed at the ceremony and it was fabulous.

I walked away from the reception feeling like I belonged there…like I had known Mike and Staci for far longer than my time photographing them. That speaks highly for the kind of couple they are….fun, personable, in love and just awesome people.



Pictures are awesome love your comments about Mike & Staci you are an amazing photographer.
Staci’s Dad

Best speech ever Mr. Koch! I loved it and it was a pleasure meeting you. Hope you had a fantastic day!

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