Lisa and Dave {Calgary Photographer}

September 23, 2014 , Engagement


Lisa and Dave spend much of their free time on adventures. They love to hike and get out of Calgary on weekends, escaping to the mountains. I was so fortunate that they invited me to this incredible Kananaskis spot for their engagement session. When I say, it left me breathless; it did literally and figuratively. It was beautiful and I loved watching Lisa and Dave just be themselves. I can’t wait until their Fernie wedding next year.


OMG – these are amazing engagement photos. The setting in the Calgary mountains is spectacular. What a beautiful couple!

Beautiful! I love how you captured the mountains behind them, I wish I was in Calgary I'd hire you in a heartbeat to be my photographer!

These are breathtaking. Wow, what an amazing location and beautiful couple. You rock as a Calgary engagement photographer that's for sure.

Gorgeous engagement photography! That Calgary location is absolutely breathtaking and makes for some memorable photos!

What a gorgeous engagement session! I love the location!

Gorgeous, I'd love to shoot there!

What amazing photographs and what a location for an engagement session. Calgary has so much to offer in scenery with the forests and mountains.

Beautiful session! You are an amazing Calgary photographer. This location is just beautiful.

Beautiful engagement photos and a great location!

Oh my goodness Calgary is gorgeous. I love all the fall leaves and beautiful views. This engagement session is amazing and deftly unique.

Amazing Calgary location! Beautiful engagement session! Great job!

Breathtaking engagement session! Truly happy couple and gorgeous background.

Wow! These are incredible! I would LOVE to someday see this area in Calgary. Great work!

WOW!!! What an amazing photography session! I absolutely love the location and posing! You really captured this couple! Beautiful portraits!

WOW! Such good photography there in Calgary. Reminds me so much of Gabe McClintock (who I adore). I LOVE the sweeping vistas, the intimate shots, the everything. <3

Wow! Wow! Wow! Gorgeous engagement session. Calgary looks like a beautiful place for photography.

These portraits are absolutely stunning! I would love to see you do more sessions at this location; it's so beautiful. You are such a talented Calgary photographer.

Absolutely AMAZING engagement photos at an incredible Calgary location. Makes me want to travel there and go hiking. You did a beautiful, beautiful job!

Beautiful images! I love the pull back shots with those stunning landscapes! Very nice work.

Wow. These are amazing engagement photographs! You really captured the beauty of Kananaskis without letting it overtake the beauty of your couple. I love how, despite the gorgeous landscape, the way you captured their love is what makes these photographs so amazing. Truly awesome work!

Had to come back and say just how lucky Calgary is to have you as a photographer!!!

Wowee!! Love the grandeur of this location!! The shot of them sitting on the cliff is breathtaking!! Beautiful engagement session!

Love these engagement pictures! The location is amazing & the posing really shows their love.

Very pretty session, love the rich colors.

What an outstanding Calgary location! I just love the view! Nice engagement photos:)

I love how natural and majestic these engagement photos are! They just feel "comfortable" and simply perfect! Beautiful work 🙂

Oh, I so need to take a trip to Calgary! I have been married for years but I would fake an engagement session just to have amazing photos like these! What a beautiful couple in an incredible location. I cannot wait to see what you do with the wedding photos!

Awesome work!

WOW! What a stunning Calgary location for this engagement session! You photographed it beautifully.

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