How to take a good headshot

January 15, 2020 , Headshots


How to take a good headshot? After someone books in for their headshot session with Loree Photography, that’s always the first question about tips for good headshots. We’ve got some great tips for headshots and headshot ideas below.

  1. The first thing is clothing. Choose solid colours, nothing wild or with crazy patterns. You want the attention to be on your face. Ask your photographer what colour backdrop will be used. If it’s a dark backdrop, opt for lighter clothing. Bring a couple of outfit choices as well. Your photographer will be able to guide you.
  2. Hair and Makeup. Try to eliminate as many fly-away hairs as you can. Bring hairspray, it will help to calm down any frizzy hair. Keep hair down. If it’s tied back, it will look like you don’t have hair. For men, a fresh haircut and shave is always a good idea. For makeup – go a little darker than you normally do, but stick to your basics.
  3. Say Cheese! Loree Photography typically shoots everyone both smiling and with a natural, relaxed look. This way you can choose which is more appealing to you. Practice in front of a mirror and see which appeals most to you.
  4. What about my pimples? I always tell clients that they don’t exist in my world. With our full-retouched headshots, we photoshop out all blemishes. However, please let us know in advance if there are things like scars, birthmarks, etc that you’d like to have removed. My rule of thumb is that if it’s a permanent mark, I don’t remove it.
  5. What colour backdrops do you use? I have a variety of backdrops, but I prefer solid colours. I find they are more my style and direct attention to your face. Although I do have muslin backdrops that are grey and brown.
  6. Posing. Don’t worry. We will guide you through everything. I use a variety of techniques to help you look your best and have your personality shine through.
  7. Choosing your photos. At Loree Photography you receive your online gallery of images to choose from. They aren’t edited at this stage. You will choose your favourites to be fully-retouched before they are delivered to you in both high resolution and web-ready files.

Calgary Headshot Photographers

If you are looking for headshot photographers in Calgary, let’s get in touch. We can handle everything from individuals to large scale headshots with hundreds of people. Our previous headshot clients include large groups like TD Bank, Alberta Beef Producers, University of Calgary and Farm Management Canada to name a few.

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