Funny Christmas Cards

December 10, 2016 , Random


Funny Christmas Cards

We all have that one awesome guy friend that is funny, outgoing, active in the community yet is still single.  Cue Steve McMasters 🙂 Photographing the annual “Steve McMasters Christmas Card” is always the highlight to my year at Loree Photography. Steve began his annual tradition of his own style of Funny Christmas Cards six years ago.

As a single man, he sent out a funny card to his friends, while others around him were mailing out the traditional family cards with kids, smiles and puppies. I started photographing the card four years ago! This year, he’s no longer that single man. He found his perfect match in Alyssa Briggs earlier this year..who incidentally met Steve because she saw the 2015 card on a fridge of a friend and wanted to meet “that” guy.

By far, this was the most fun card to date to photograph. These two are the most fun, incredible people you were ever meet. I hope you enjoy a small taste of what it’s like to be their Christmas card photographer. We headed into the mountains for this fun shoot, complete with a toboggan, fur coats, La Senza outfits and a whole lotta bravery as they faced the cold with their bare skin.

You will first see photos from this year’s session that went viral, followed by the past 4 years of Christmas cards that Steve and I have worked on together! Each year we have so many laughs and so much fun both planning the card and taking the pictures that I hope this is a tradition that lasts many years.

We’ve been featured on Country 105 (check it out) and on Q107 (also check it out). The photos have reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world who love their story and love who they are.

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Awesome just bloody awesome

Keep up the good work on your calendars
A very refreshing twist on otherwise ho hum Xmas cards out there.

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