Clare and Andre {Emerald Lake Photographer}

June 8, 2014 , Wedding


If I had to use one word to sum up Andre and Clare’s wedding day, it would be FUN. This is a fun couple with a fun family. There were 16 people at the wedding, located at Emerald Lake Lodge – including the bride and groom.

If you haven’t been to Emerald Lake, you need to. It’s nestled in between Lake Louise and Golden – on the British Columbia side. Gorgeous. Clare and Andre met in high school, but it wasn’t until a chance meeting 10 years later at a concert that they connected and became a couple. Fast forward to their wedding day, and their most special people surrounded them and told the most amazing stories about their relationships with them both. Those 14 people that joined Clare and Andre were the most incredible story tellers and when they spoke, it was heartwarming.

I walked away from that day feeling honoured to have spent that time with this now-joined family. Clare summed up how she wanted her wedding to feel like “a cozy dinner party with dressy clothes.” That was exactly how it felt. The laughter, fellowship, wine and conversation flowed easily.

I hope that you enjoy this little taste of Clare and Andre’s wedding day. Enjoy your Mexican honeymoon!

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