Celene and Luke

June 24, 2012 , Engagement


When you first meet a couple to do a photo session, it’s a little like a blind date. You look around for the well-dressed people in the crowd. When I spotted Celene and Luke crossing the street to me – I was so thrilled to finally meet them face-to-face. Celene had the most gorgeous green jacket, and boots, and hair…..I could go on and on. She looked like a model out of Town and Country Magazine. Luke was this calm man with the sweetest smile. They were so wonderful to be with. They have such affection and admiration for each other. It was an honour to be their engagement photographer.

I’m sad though. Sad because I have to wait until December to photograph their Stettler wedding. The detail these two have put into their day is phenomenal. I am over the moon excited to spend the day with them capturing every moment of their weddings. It’s going to be something special. That doesn’t surprise me though, now knowing Celene and Luke better. They are truly a great couple!


[…] wait to be a part of her and Luke’s wedding day. I met Celene and Luke in Lacombe to do their engagement session this summer. I was blown away with how nice they both were…..and Celene’s amazing […]

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