Cale and Jenn {Nanton Calgary engagement photographer}

October 14, 2014 , Engagement


My husband and Cale have been friends since childhood. I met him shortly after I started dating my husband and immediately loved him. Cale was my husband’s best man at our wedding, and now the roles will be reversed for their 2015 wedding. I’d always hoped that Cale would find the perfect girl….and he did. I met Jenn through other mutual friends and was so excited to hear when they began dating. They really are perfect for each other. Honestly, you couldn’t find a better couple. They got engaged during a holiday in Texas and when we got the text to tell us, it was so exciting!

Cale and Jenn chose a gorgeous spot for their engagement photos. It’s where Cale grew up and where his mom still lives. It’s west of Nanton in the hills. The colours were amazing. It was the perfect evening.


I love them image of them cuddled up under their Pendleton blanket in the field. So lovely! You did a wonderful job with this engagement!

great work here Loree, Amazing backdrop and beautiful images!

Beautiful photos! I love the posing in these!

Amazing backdrop for a shoot, just beautiful! Wonderful images!

Gorgeous! They must be super happy with these 🙂

These are so special. It's always a different element when you photograph a friend. Great job!

what a beautiful location!! I love Nanton! the photos with the hudson bay blanket are perfect!!!

Wow! Those first few shots are stunning! What a location. The colors. The poses. Nice work!

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Very cute couple and session!


You images never cease to amaze me! What a lovely location! I cannot get over how fantastic your images are!

Gorgeous engagement photos as always! The landscape near Nanton is beautiful.

beautiful scenery 🙂

These are beautiful engagement photos! Love how moody they feel.

Beautiful engagement portraits! That Nanton location is absolutely gorgeous!

Great images from a wonderful Calgary photographer.

Beautiful engagement pictures. Great location in Calgary for them. I love how you captured the emotions. Great work!

beautiful photos and that location is gorgeous!

Oh my,my heart just melted with these. Absolutely perfect!

Oh my GOSH! That image of them wrapped up in the blanket on the hill? Most beautiful image ever! Fantastic work!!!

Love that location. Great light too. were these taken at sunset?

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