Bud and Krystal

October 17, 2011 , Wedding


The first time I met Bud and Krystal, it was for their engagement session this summer. There was a downpour of rain….but I had some cool ideas in mind. I knew these ideas would only work if the couple was cool, fun and willing to get wet. Luckily, they were all of the above. The image that stands out most in my mind (and the one they used in their reception photos), was a black and white photo of the two of them in the rain kissing. I love it. After that session was over, I was so excited to play this part in their wedding.

Bud is quiet. Krystal is cute. They are young and in love…everything that we all want to be. Their bridal party was also all sorts of awesome. When I went to photograph the boys getting ready,  I was greeted at the door by the cutest little man, Cruz. I then met the rest of the cute men…only they were a lot taller than three-year-old Cruz. Krystal’s ladies are fun, friendly and looked hot in their stiletto Guess shoes.

When Krystal was getting ready, her nephew Easton said to her, “Auntie, if you fall in your shoes – I will hold your hand.”

This is a group of people that made it so easy for me to spend the day with them.

Krystal put so much work into her wedding. She made most of the decorations for the reception herself. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful they were. The dance floor feature warranted it’s on blog post in itself. If she ever wanted to go into decorating or wedding planning, she would have a line-up of brides out the door. The Stettler hall was transfered into a room that no one had seen before. It was stunning. The food was awesome. The music was pumping (ACE Entertainment) and the MCs were fantastic. It was an amazing night.

I hope you enjoy this little taste of Bud and Krystal’s special day.




Love – Love the pictures– they are fantastic– just like I expected after seeing the engagement pics. It was a great wedding!!!

awwww….I’m glad you love them. I just love them too and can’t wait to work on the rest!


OMG the pictures are amazing Lori! I knew they would be, you captured the very special moments of the day. Being the mom of this beautiful young lady, I knew that the pics would be everything and more of her special day! Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for everything!!

Lorene….you rock! I can’t wait for you to see them all.

love the pics cant wait to see more.

WOW. These pictures are STUNNING!!!!! I have know Krystal since we were in grade 6 together. She definitely is a talented girl! But WOW!!! They looked AMAZING!!! GREAT JOB on the Photography!!!!! What a wonderful memory for them!!!!

Love the pictures! They are awesome and it really takes talent to get a really good pic of Bud. He is not so photogenic.

Sisters aren’t supposed to look at their brothers at hot!! hahaha He did such a good job for me!

love the pictues

awwwww….thanks Grandma! Bud was incredible to work with and he has an amazing wife!

love the pictures

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