Photographers in Lloydminster {Gustafson}

June 22, 2015 , Family


Photographers in Lloydminster

This was seriously the shortest family session I’ve ever had. Literally, we had five minutes before the rain poured down. Even then, we photographed in spitting rain. Luckily, the Gustafson family are stylish, polished and are naturals in front of my camera. We get some great images in such a short timeframe.

I’ve been lucky enough to have photographed this family several times over the years. We always have some laughs, some catching up and great conversation while creating photos.

Michele is an incredible Image Consultant. Be sure to check out her website: www.michelecharlesgustafson.com

photographers in Lloydminsterphotographers in Lloydminsterphotographers in Lloydminsterphotographers in Lloydminster

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