Lee Creech {Calgary Lloydminster Photographer}

August 20, 2014 , Commercial/Corporate


Headshots are a little like a visual resume. How you look, is sometimes how you are perceived at a first glance. Having a professional headshot is imperative for everyone that is in business. Lee came to me for a variety of head shots. He needed one that would work for his family’s cattle business, one for his Calgary corporate career, and one that was a little more casual for a LinkedIn profile photo.


Great Headshots

Excellent headshots!

You are so right, head shots are a very important first impression. Well said.

What a great variety in headshots even though its still the same person and pose but changing up the outfit really does change the mood and presentation! Great job on these professional headshots.

These are great headshots and a great reminder that I need to get some done, too!! I wish you lived closer!

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You're completely right about them being a visual resume! Good job on these, you're an awesome Calgary Head Shot Photographer!!

These headshots look great, you have a great variety in there!

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